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An escaped prison convict attempts to retrieve a loot hidden years ago in a lonely village.Sinister elders, strange disappearances, spirits, a peculiar priest and even the Archpriest of ...

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See full summary » In the city of Santiago de Compostela, the meals are more important than just eating.

The important conversations, socially and for all other reasons, are done around food.

This happens one day with intertwined lives in the historic city.

This is a mad satire about five individuals living in a mental institution.

For some, the more recent "Planet 51" was considered a major landmark due to the budget size , overseas box office, and the huge technical advances it made in rapport to previous films in the genre, but the latest animated offering has since shifted plans, is a bigger, more detailed, stereoscopic 3D item that is poised to become a benchmark in the animation field.

The puppets are magnificent , they create the adequate movement and are beautifully made.

The story and the mood are closely inspired by the likes of Tim Burton's "The Corpse Bride", and even the animated dolls bear remarkable resemblance to classic muppets "Thunderbirds" by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson .

Voiced by a known group of Spanish actors such as Jorge Sanz as Pablo , Geraldine Chaplin , Manuel Manquiña , Isabel Blanco , Luis Tosar who looks exactly like his role as an inmate in "Celda 211 and special mention to Paul Naschy as the archpriest who grabs a science-fiction magazine , and in fact the cover of the magazine is a picture of Paul Naschy from a previous horror movie.

While inside, they come up with a plan to save the global economy and at the same time punish those responsible. See full summary » An escaped prison convict attempts to retrieve a loot hidden years ago in a lonely village.

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