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Don’t photoshop, edit or put filters on your pictures in an attempt to make yourself more attractive because all you’re doing is giving a distorted image of what you truly look like. If you like cooking and staying in on Friday’s but write that you like eating out and going out to socialise, simply because you believe that being outgoing makes you more attractive then you are doing it wrong.This doesn’t mean that you should take a bed hair and no make up selfie but don’t go over the top. Not only might you miss out on someone who also likes cooking and Netflix nights, but you might also attract someone incompatible to you which will only result in heartache. 2) Don’t look for Perfection Men: Don’t choose your dates based on a scale of how much they resemble your favourite Victoria Secret model.Chances are she works 5 days a week and doesn’t hit the gym every day, oh and she also likes a bit of carrot cake on the weekend.

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Real men do grow love handles and you will also get grey hair, if you meet them in person you might find them charming enough.

Of course you should find your partner physically attractive, but remember beauty fades and what you will be left with is the person who lives underneath the skin. Online dating is fun and you can meet someone who you fall in love and spend the rest of your days with, but it can also be dangerous for the heart.

Don’t be naïve and don’t give your heart away too quickly.

Take things slowly, allow yourself to truly get to know one another and don’t get attached to a profile.

Just like in real life, online dating is out of your control.

You can click with someone online, meet and feel as though you have an instant connection but if life decides to give the person you’re dating lemons, things might turn sour and it might not be the best time for them to date.

The better way to approach dating is to learn to go with the flow.

Don’t have expectations when you first meet people, just see where things go and aim to shrug things off if they don’t work out. 4)Leave the Past Behind Don’t worry about past failed relationships.

Even though I haven’t had to make the foray into the murky world of online dating, the first name that pops up in my mind is definitely “” Their website boasts, “Who’s on Match.com? members form a diverse, global community of singles who share common goals – to meet other singles, find dates, form romantic relationships and meet life partners.

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