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"If you're an attacker, why would you lose time trying to break into a file server or web application or a wireless access point if you can go directly to the systems that fully store their most sensitive data, and you have really low chances of being detected? Last week, security researchers with ERPScan released a report to mark the occasion of SAP's patching of its 3,000th vulnerability.Among its conclusions, the report indicated that the number of vulnerabilities in SAP products within enterprises is usually much higher in proportion to other software portfolio assets than security practitioners think.According to ERPScan, SAP vulnerabilities account for 5% of all vulnerabilities ever published on the Internet.

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Part of the issue is that not all SAP vulnerabilities have CVEs attached to them, because many smaller patches are hidden within Service Packs.

"While the number of vulnerabilities closed by SAP Security Notes per year is decreasing, SAP moves a lot of vulnerabilities to Service Packs, leaving in security notes only highly critical issues and the issues which were found by external researchers," says Alexander Polyakov, CTO of ERPScan.

"So, in previous years, only about 10% of monthly published vulnerabilities were found by external researchers, but now up to 60 to 70 are found by them in more recent updates." Nunez agrees that SAP's outreach to customers about code security is improving, and he says that the shift four years ago to a monthly security patch cycle was key for helping customers plan their updates.

But he also warns customers to understand that, because more security fixes are hidden in service packs, the security notes that do come out now are proportionally more important than in years past.

"If they're highlighting specific notes that you should pay attention to, then they're probably more sensitive or more critical than what you used to get before." Additionally, he says that SAP customers may be lulled into a false sense of security by the company itself through some of the updating tools it offers to customers.

"To give you an idea, there is a tool called RSECNOTE that is an SAP program you can run in your SAP environment to find unpatched vulnerabilities, but that will only tell you the notes or patches that are critical and easy to implement," Nunez says.

"In real life, that is actually telling you about less than 20% of the patches that you're actually missing." This kind of issue contributes to what both Polyakov and Nunez agree to be an oblivious attitude that enterprises hold about the scope of their SAP vulnerability risks.

In particular, some of the top risks organizations face with SAP revolve around configuration vulnerabilities, because SAP is so customizable.

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