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According to Article 139(4) of the IPA Implementing Regulation, the operating structures were set up a Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) to assist the operating structures and the JMC in carrying out their respective duties.

The Joint Technical Secretariat is jointly managed by both Operating Structures. The JTS has an international staff, including both Montenegrin and Serbian nationals.

Organisation and staffing of the joint technical secretariat The JTS is based in Prijepolje, Republic of Serbia. The JTS is composed of staff appointed by both Operating Structures.

The number and qualification of staff correspond to the tasks defined below.

Staff of the JTS should cover the relevant languages - Montenegrin/Serbian and English.

PRIJEPOLJE, Serbia (AP) — Police in Serbia and Bosnia arrested 15 people Friday in a wartime massacre that traumatized the Balkans and came to symbolize a culture of impunity that still shields notorious wartime death squads and their masters.

Prosecutors from the two bitter wartime enemy countries told The Associated Press they worked together to crack the case of the Strpci massacre of Feb.

27, 1993, in which 19 men were snatched off a train at the height of the Balkan conflict.

Officers carried out a pre-dawn sweep that netted 10 suspects in Bosnia and five in Serbia, including the brother of a jailed warlord, ex-militia members and a former Bosnian Serb general who commanded the military in the area.

The operation of the JTS, including staffing costs, is funded from the Technical Assistance Priority Axis.

More detailed rules on the operation of the JTS are included in a bilateral agreement between the Operating Structures.

Its activities will be carried out according to a work plan annually approved by the JMC.

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