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It could range from personal, to being vital in their quests.

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This trope on its own just has the villain do this independently of the heroes.

If the heroes trick the villain into fixing their problem, then this trope combines with either Briar Patching or a Batman Gambit.

May overlap with Dick Dastardly Stops to Cheat if the villain had victory in hand before he did whatever he did.

Compare Hoist by His Own Petard (when the villains cause their own plans to be foiled), Villain Ball, Bad Guys Do the Dirty Work, Poke the Poodle, Phlebotinum Rebel (when the villain the hero), Tactical Suicide Boss (when an enemy can only be beaten by exploiting a certain move).

Contrast Nice Job Breaking It, Hero, From Bad to Worse, Two Rights Make a Wrong.

This is not villains hurting their own plans or failing to break something (like resistance against them).

"Fixing" in this case means solving a problem they did not know existed, or were trying to exploit. Donatello: If the Shredder had never made the Utrons crash in the first place, theyd have never developed the ooze, and if theyd never developed the ooze, weve never have been mutated, and if wed never have been mutated, we’d still be eating fish flakes in some kids aquarium right now!

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