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Location: folsom and 24th street Date and Time: January 9, am A latino man was in handcuffs sitting on the sidewalk. There were 4 cop cars, one firetruck, one ambulance and 6 cops standing around watching the whole thing. Location: Near 24th on Folsom Date: 06/19/2014 Here is my 70 year old neighbor James who every day sits on this or that stoop with a can of beer or otherwise doing nothing but sitting peacefully. Here is an excerpt of my conversation with the San Francisco Police: Cop: Ma’am, put away your cellphone. ( I don’t put it away and start taking pictures) Cop: because I need to protect my safety. A middle-aged lady on her way to exercise class on her bike might assault you with her cellphone? This is a clear example of the enemy mentality of cops.

They not only harassed them but also accused them of organizing violence on cops just because their phone was out.

I won’t care if you shoot me, but don’t you dare hurt this man.” See below for the upsetting video – towards the end there is comments from neighbors: This Morning a longtime Mission Resident was stopped by Police for not completely stopping at a stop sign while riding their bicycle.

Cop: You might be calling someone to come [attack us] Me: Really? They are now trained to feel threatened with violence when someone pulls out a cellphone.

When was the last time an older woman being detained on her bike called thugs to attack cops? Needless to say, I refused to put my cellphone away.

Will we see headlines in the future: Cops open fire because they thought the suspect was carrying a cellphone?

OFFICER CLIFFORD that was on scene: As for me, I was walking home with Ivonne, pushing my bike and balancing a box of mangos, happy.But when confronted with this inequality, and breach of justice so blatant en route, I could not leave it to pass without a witness. The great grandma held the baby girls hand as they were pushed aside.At , 10 minutes after we first saw them detaining the woman, three police went up the front steps, 2 carrying handguns, drawn and held pointed upwards at heart level. Three guns and the cops that carried them trespassed into the house with no warrant, so full of themselves and their weapons that they did not seem to see the two pair of eyes that stared at them, young and old.The situation went on for about two more hours, and I am thankful to the crowd of neighbors that gathered and stood, and watched as cops brought more guns and stuff. It was that first image that hit like a ton of bricks, a little baby and her great grandmother nose to nose with three guns.I am full of grief and nausea that this happens, in the wake of Alex Nieto’s death, and I wanted to share this image, as we move forward and seek changes in the unchecked power and disrespect from SFPD.Supe por primera vez que algo ocurría porque la patrulla casi atropella a mi amiga por tratar de llegar a dónde sea que tuvieran que llegar.

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