Name in ganapati online dating

you know there is lots of stranger online and you dont know if they are good person or not...i wonder is it safe making friends or relationship (like bf/gf till marriage) online especially for youth girls??

Ganapati Sthapati (1927 – 5 September 2011) was a Sthapati ( temple architect and builder ) and head of the College of Architecture and Sculpture in the Vastu Shastra tradition ascribed to the sage Mamuni Mayan. Alagappa Chettiar College, Karaikudi, and graduated with a degree in mathematics.

He succeeded his father as the Principal of the Government College of Architecture and Sculpture, TN, India.

From the 1980s, Sthapati campaigned to restore and elevate the status of traditional Hindu architecture in modern Indian society, by affiliating courses to the University of Madras and offering degree courses, bringing about a revival of Vastu Shastra.

After retirement from government service, he established the Vaastu Vedic Trust and the Vaastu Vedic Research Foundation, aimed at research, development, and globalization of Vaastu Shastra.

He is also the head of the professional guild named "V.

Ganapati Sthapati & Associates." Sthapati initiated the development of The American University of Mayonic Science and Technology as an authorized institution to teach this body of knowledge in the western world.

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