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Jewish denominations like to trot out numbers and statistics to show how one or the other is the fastest growing, but the fact remains that the fastest growing segment of the young Jewish population is one that is unaffiliated with the larger Jewish community.Many reasons have been posited for this situation – young Jews are uninspired by what the organized Jewish community has to offer.Thus they either create their own extended and more personally relevant communities or they simply opt out entirely.

And it’s as pareve and ideologically neutral grouping you will ever find, one that includes a purposefully diverse group of Jews of every stripe and persuasion. Whoever they are, they represent one organization’s perception of the future of the Jewish Community.

The application process itself is a bottoms up affair, with alumni and community members suggesting prospective candidates and the ROI staff undertaking the often painful task of deciding who to choose out of the hundreds of applicants.

As Justin Korda, Executive Director of ROI Community recently wrote in The application process for the ROI Summit is simultaneously one of the best and hardest times of the year for me – best because it reinforces the incredible young Jewish talent coming of age in communities around the world; hardest because I’m reminded that the Jewish world still does not have enough compelling opportunities to nurture all of it. As such, Wendy In Furs and I divvied up the bios of this year’s cohort and looked for some commonalities.

Until we do, far too many young Jews who want to contribute to strengthening the Jewish future will be told “no, but” rather than “yes, and.” Faced with a negative response, many will choose to focus their time and talent elsewhere – a loss for them and for our community. The first thing we did was create the word cloud illustration which you see at the top of this post.

The Word Cloud is generated from entering all the bios at once into Wordie.

You can try it yourself using this form – just click on the submit button below and using wordie you can create your own ROI 2013 word cloud and customize it any way you like: The Word Cloud looks as you might excpect.

The words “Jewish, “Israel,” “Young” and “Community” stand out – and that does warm the heart. So Wendy and I went back and forth arguing about the relevance of certain issues vs. Neither of us is scientific or mathematically inclined, but some things did stand out.

For instance the word “Network” was mentioned 44 times.

The final list of participants in the 2013 iteration of the ROI Summit was released recently.

The ROI summit is an annual gathering that brings together a select group of 150 young Jews from across the world for an almost all expenses paid, intense, 4-day experience that involves networking, collaboration, skill building and more.

To date there are over 800 alumni who have participated in ROI over the last 7 years of its existence.

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