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For why the few gay men I knew didn't like yaoi manga, it was because they did not appreciate their sexuality being marketed as shallow, unrealistic crap to make girls' panties wet.

But the men I knew were also pretty picky with all types of manga, not just yaoi, so that could be something to consider.

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I don't really get off to having my demographic dragged through the mud.

Anyway, if I wanted to read a story about a fucked-up heterosexual couple, I'd read a story about a fucked-up heterosexual couple, not a story about gay teenagers who look and act like a fucked-up heterosexual couple.

That said, I don't necessarily have a problem with women writing stories about gay men, or even writing erotic stories about gay men.

Most of the quality, realistic and respectful stories about gay men that I've read were indeed written by women.

I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to post this, but whatever...

I've recently seen some statistics about the kind of people who write or read slash fanfiction and yaoi, and I've been surprised by the extremely small number of males that did it (around 2%, or less).I already knew that slash and yaoi are mainly aimed at women, but I had also expected some more men liking it (at least gay men).I mean, gay porn attracts lots of gay men, and also many straight men (although they'd never acknowledge it, of course).So, tell me boys, what's wrong with yaoi and slash for you?Do you think is too girly, unrealistic, ridiculous? Two men kissing/hugging/getting it on does not attract me or turn me on in any way.Which is funny because the typical yaoi character is so feminine and girly that I sometimes had a hard time believing he was a guy.

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