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When you sign up for Gumby e-News, you get access to watch “Moon Trip,” Gumby’s first adventure and one of Art Clokey’s more surreal works.

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Here’s a heart-warming clip from Now you can have the entire 1950s Gumby Show series in its remastered form. Your favorite 1960s episodes are now available on DVD, remastered with their original lengths and original soundtracks. 1 collector’s edition includes a Pokey bendable toy, and Vol.

Episodes are in their original lengths with original soundtracks.

Gumby is an American clay animation franchise, centered on a green clay humanoid character created and modeled by Art Clokey.

In 1955, Clokey showed Gumbasia to movie producer Sam Engel, who encouraged him to develop his technique by animating figures into children's stories.

The look of Gumby was inspired by a suggestion from his wife Ruth (née Parkander) that Clokey base his character on The Gingerbread Man.

The color green was then chosen because Clokey saw it as a racially neutral color, as well as being a symbol of life.

Gumby's legs and feet were made wide for pragmatic reasons: they ensured that the clay character would stand up during stop-motion filming.

The character has been the subject of two television series as well as a feature-length film and other media.

Since the original series' run, he has become well known as an example of stop motion clay animation and an influential cultural icon, spawning many tributes, parodies, and merchandising.

Gumby follows the titular character and his adventures through different environments and times in history.

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