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River erosion is also devouring a sizeable land every year," she said.Taking all those factors into consideration, we have to be careful in land use, she said adding, "We can know about the nature of the land and its geo-natural composition by using the modern technology." Sheikh Hasina said, huge agricultural lands of the country are being lost every year due to river erosion.

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She said various government and private organizations now separately prepare, use and preserve information and data of the earth surface.

"All those organizations need to bring under the same umbrella under a policy framework for preservation of data and information," she said.

The Prime Minister said NSDI would play very important role for sustainable development of the country through avoiding duality in data preparation and easing exchange of accurate and up-to-date data and information.

"Besides, use of data from the same domain will also help save money and time and thereby accelerate country's development activities bringing dynamism," she said.

Sheikh Hasina said, "NSDI will preserve geo-spatial data in a same platform helping all users to use the data according to their need, which we feel very much at the time of taking a project." She said Bangladesh is a unique place of natural beauty, bio-diversity and geographical composition as well as bountiful with huge resources.

"So the country needs careful use of land for maximum utilization of the land resources," she said.

Pointing out her government's plan to establish 100 special economic zones in the country without causing any damage to the arable land, the Prime Minister said Bangladesh is a small country with high population density.

"Scarcity of land is a huge problem here while conservation of land is crucial to feed people and industrial development.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said her government would soon form ' National Spatial Data Infrastructure' (NSDI) to generate geo-data and digital mapping aimed at country's planned development, reports the BSS.

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