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Make sure when preparing an “ that you are not just honest about who you are, but also about who you want to be with.

When questions about the type of person you are looking for come up, be very honest.

Do not short change yourself; you can get the person you are looking for.

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and now you are faced with putting together your online dating profile.

At this point you may have already decided on a particular website or maybe on more than one and you are starting the process of putting the account together.

There are many, many sites out there and they each have different processes for creating your profile.

When I am asked to give internet dating advice and advice on profile style, I stick to one basic fact, honesty is best.

If you put together a profile that contains things you think others want to hear and not your actual attributes, then you are going to find the perfect match for the person you have mentally created and not the person you really are.

Honesty is always the best policy when it comes to internet dating or dating in general.

Being a false person with the hopes that someone will like this persona better than you will either lead to issues down the line or the need to be a different person for the rest of the relationship, which can get pretty tiring.

Dating for seniors is the same as dating for everyone else.

There is no universal key on “how to date.” If two people find themselves wanting to be together, the rest will usually take care of itself.

However, to get to meet that special someone, you may need to use some of the same tactics as finding the perfect job.

We have already said be honest, but that does not mean to not put your best foot forward and showcase your best assets.

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