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An eight-year-old boy, Leiby Kletzky, was on his way home from day camp in Brooklyn when he mysteriously disappeared.A frantic search, spearheaded by the FBI and aided by the entire community, failed to find him for two full days.And then his mother and father had to endure every parent's worst nightmare. Words fail to convey the immensity of this tragedy.

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It's been said that the cruelest word in the English language is "never".

Never will Leiby’s parents ever again be able to hold him, to hug him, to prepare him for life with words of advice and of Torah.

Never will his family be able to share in the milestones of his growth to maturity.

Never will there be a bar mitzvah to celebrate, graduations to attend, a wedding canopy to stand under with him and his bride as he prepares to embark on his own journey to family and future.

Never will all those who knew Leiby as a child be able to find out what his unique talents might have enabled him to accomplish.

Never will the Jewish community discover the contributions Leiby might have made to it and to the larger world.

Ever since the beginning of mankind the Torah reminded us that a single death leaves none of us untouched.

In the aftermath of the first murder, God turned to Cain in anger and admonished him with the words “The sounds of the bloods of your brother cry out to Me from the ground." Not blood, but bloods, in the plural. It prevents us from ever receiving all the precious benefits every single life has to offer.

The commentators explain that when Cain killed his brother he effectively destroyed all of Abel’s future progeny as well. And when murder snuffs out the life of a child, the enormity of the word never - that we will never truly know what that child might have become - staggers us beyond comfort.

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