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Kroon Hall, the ultra-green home of F&ES, expresses in physical form the School’s best traditions, values, and aspirations.The building, which opened in January 2009, achieves its remarkable energy savings from a host of design elements and technical strategies molded to fit the weather and climate of its New England location. With its high barrel-vaulted gable ends, simple lines, and curved rooftop, Kroon Hall is a modernist blend of cathedral nave and Connecticut barn.

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The Ordway Learning Center on the ground floor also has ample space for quiet study.

The $43.5 million building was designed by Hopkins Architects of Great Britain in partnership with Connecticut-based Centerbrook Architects and Planners and holds the highest rating—platinum—in the green-building certification program, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

Kroon Hall provides 56,467 square feet and is designed to use 67 percent less energy than a typical building of its size.

Its tall, thin shape and east-west orientation play a big role in heating and cooling.

The lowest floor is set into a hillside, with only its south side exposed, providing thermal insulation, minimizing northern exposure, and increasing the amount of natural light that enters the building from adjacent courtyards.

The long south facade maximizes solar gain during the winter, and Douglas fir louvers covering glass facades on the east and west ends keep out unwanted heat and glare.The building’s shape, combined with the glass facades, enables daylight to provide much of the interior’s illumination.Light and occupancy sensors dim artificial lighting when it is not needed.A 100-kilowatt rooftop array of photovoltaic panels provides 25 percent of the building’s electricity.Four 1,500-foot-deep wells use the relatively constant 55-degree (F) temperature of underground water for heating and cooling, replacing the need for conventional boilers and air conditioning.Four solar panels embedded in the southern facade provide hot water.

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