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However, there are certain complex configurations that are important to know about and remember.This article exposes the details of DNS server properties, which will allow administrators to get a better handle on options that can make a difference in DNS operation, logging and troubleshooting.

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DNS server properties are exposed by right-clicking on the DNS server icon as shown in Figure 1.

Zone properties, on the other hand, are found if you right-click on a particular zone name under Forward or Reverse Lookup Zones.

Here are a couple of ways to keep them straight: Let's take a closer look at the server properties.

Figure 2 shows the DNS Server Properties page, with eight tabs, followed by a description of features included for each of those eight areas.

In Windows Server 2003, Microsoft added a new feature called Conditional Forwarding.

This title does not appear in any of the property tabs, but it is configured on the Forwarding tab.

Figure 3 shows the Conditional Forwarding configuration fields circled in red. Com (another forest) and entered IP addresses of two DNS servers that are authoritative for the HPQBOX domain.

Again, it doesn't say Conditional Forwarding, it simply says "DNS Domain." This feature allows you to specify a DNS server that can handle a domain. Thus, instead of following normal forwarding (going up and down the DNS tree), this configuration takes a shortcut right to the HPQBOX domain's DNS servers.

Figure 2: DNS Server Properties page Interfaces There are several reasons to configure multiple interfaces for DNS.

If you have a multi-homed DNS server and want to configure DNS to use only one of the NICs, then configure it here in the "Listen on" section by selecting the "only the following IP addresses" option, then listing the address(es) .

This could be an issue for two reasons: One, you add a new NIC and intend to keep both NICs, but you only want the new one to be used for DNS traffic or, two, if the old NIC was mistakenly left in.

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