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However, the text is at pains to point out that it is not a secret teaching, that the content applies universally rather than to one group, and that everyone can easily come to learn its content, strongly differing with the esoteric mysteries inherent in Gnosticism.

One of the most important parts in this respect is the parable of foolish virgins: And we said to him: Lord, who are the wise and who are the foolish?

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The work was lost to the West until a complete version in Ethiopic translation was discovered and published in the early 20th century.

The text was used regularly by the relatively isolated Ethiopian Orthodox Church, and was evidently not considered heretical by that church.

A fragmentary Coptic manuscript of the fifth or 4th century, believed to be translated directly from the original Greek, and one leaf of a Latin palimpsest, dating to the 5th century, were then identified as deriving from the same text.

The text is commonly dated to the 2nd century, perhaps towards the middle of it.

(See New Testament Apocrypha: Gospels and related writings, Volume 1.

Wilhelm Schneemelcher, ed., Westminster John Knox Press, 1991 ISBN 0-664-22721-X, p. CE Hill (1999) dates the Epistle to "just before 120, or in the 140s" and places "...

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