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They have done a good job of getting fake reviews up tho. Also its 'against' Zoosk policy to talk to someone else unless permitted by them.

I met men in three states and made friends for life with a few. What looks like a decent dating program, turns into a totally worthless, overpriced app/website after you subscribe. They give you 'scientific' matches, but no way to contact the person without paying more (yes, even if you are a paid subscriber). There are 100% free dating sites/programs that are WAY better than Zoosk in ease-of-use, searches, and most every aspect of online dating. It took me 20 minutes after paying for a membership to realize what a huge mistake I made. When you wink some one and they have an auto response this will look like you have a true message from this person of course zoosk doesn't let you read them. My 14 yr old son was on this and 40 year old women sending him messages ? I enjoy it so much that I recommend it to single friends who are interested in getting online.2. I’m a grown woman- I haven’t even thought about being “popular” since… I can’t even keep track of how many views I get each day and am constantly deleting messages from men who aren’t even remotely in my search criteria.

If you can leave a site with a good friend, then it was worth your effort even if you still don't have a mate! Well I subscribed and it looks like you are paying 19.99 but there's a activation fee 2 bucks before you know you paid 45 bucks. Not only did I have to pay to join Zoosk, you guys charged me an extra $25 “activation” fee. In order for me to effectively try your website, I paid $50 for *one month*. If more of that will make me “popular” then thanks, but no thanks.5.

Majority of people with profiles here are not subscribed, so maybe 1 in 20 have the ability to respond to your messages. HORRIBLELetter I sent to Zoosk after 7 days as a paying customer. This is truly the worst designed dating site I’ve used. While none are perfect, I can usually overlook the flaws and still appreciate the good in each one. I have paid for other dating sites, but have found that Ok Cupid has the exact same men as the paid sites, and many many more matches. What corporation communicates to their customers in such an offensive way?

Anyway you go back to your account excited to read the messages ...then you realize zoosk just tricked you. Within a couple of hours, I realized that I wanted my money back. Oh- and to get “popular”, I can “boost” my profile… Any time I click on a message, it takes me to that man’s profile.

At least with, I knew what I was getting for my subscription. Now it looks as though I’ve checked out their profile, which will encourage them (and it does).

After spending with you guys, I still wasn’t a full member, with full capabilities.3. This isn’t subway surfers, candy crush or some other child’s gaming app. You mean to tell me that *after* I spent to join the site for *one month*, I still have to purchase coins to view a “mutual match”? When in actuality, I was attempting to delete their message because I’m not interested. Everyone’s trying to jump on the coat tails of Tinder.The coins were comical at first, but now they’re just offensive. Most of the messages men send are just generic cut and paste messages that I'm guessing they send to every woman on the site- hoping someone replies.7. The problem with your version of it is this: I can see ONE picture.It tells me that there are other pictures to be seen, but I can’t view them. I can’t fault you for that, but I hated it on Match and I hate it here. Here’s a tip- acknowledge that many of your paying customers aren’t happy with their lives, or their relationship status.I’ve only got one single picture to determine whether or not I’m interested. If a man is interested, he should speak up- say something. Try lifting them up- help them feel good about themselves and their outlook, instead of taking such a cowardly, offensive and adolescent popularity contest approach… The basic social dating model is; makes it impossible to spend time looking at who views or flirts with you without a full membership.At least with Tinder (and Ok Cupid’s version), I can view all of the pictures they’ve posted, see things that we have in common, see if we have friends in common and *most importantly* read what they’ve written if they took the time to do it. The search criteria is very limited, too many null results.I enjoy Tinder- mostly for fun- but I never swipe right if they only have one picture, or if they don’t have anything written about themselves. I can’t figure out what it means to “ADD” a person. Maybe I’m overlooking it, but I don’t see a place where I can go to view the profiles I’ve added.

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