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Are you looking for a specific dating site that, for example, was suggested to you by a friend or advertised on the internet, radio or television? You'll find all the dating sites that we have reviewed for you.

Let me offer one small but important clarification before I proceed.

It is a safe assumption that almost all couples today will communicate via the Internet as one component of their relationship and in many cases, a major component of their relationship.

Also, many couples will first encounter one another through the Internet (and, in fact, there is one married couple out there that met through the comment section on my blog).

It will be helpful to distinguish between inadvertently meeting someone through the Internet—through a common Facebook friend, through a forum, etc—and using a service like e Harmony that is designed for the specific purpose of matching people who would like to find a spouse. While the Bible praises marriage and demands that we hold it in honor, it gives very little guidance on how we get from single to married.

There will be hundreds of questions you could ask yourself and those questions will have to be customized to fit you.

Spend some time examining your heart before you go online. One of my concerns with meeting online is that it may set a pattern that will encourage the couple to do the majority of their courtship online.

In an ultra-mediated world like this one, we need to continue to remind ourselves of the importance of pursuing less-mediated ahead of more-mediated communication.

If you do meet a potential spouse online, be sure to try to take that relationship offline and into the real world as quickly as you can. When communicating online it is important to always remember that we are all very careful with the information we make public.

The Old Testament provides many and varied examples, but the New Testament describes and prescribes nothing.

Nothing in the Bible prohibits the use of a dating service or the use of any kind of media as a means of communication between unmarried men and women.

Though the New Testament could have decreed certain patterns of courtship or certain means of communication, the Lord, in his wisdom, chose not to address the subject.

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