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Until July I shared an apartment in England with two cousins, Lorenz and Alessandro.

When I moved out at short notice, I was worried that I'd left the pair in the lurch, but as it turned out my timing couldn't have been better.

"We're moving to Romania to open a catering business," they told me.

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They knew a guy who was already running a similar operation in Bucharest, they said. It's tricky to write about secrets, I told him, and after some coaxing he revealed, unsurprisingly, that it wasn't really a catering business they had opened at all, but a studio full of stripping, pouting, masturbating camgirls and camboys.

Come September, I got a message from the cousins asking if I could help out writing up some sales copy for their business. I told the pair that I didn't feel comfortable writing sales copy for that kind of thing.

Not to worry, they said, before inviting me out to stay with them.

Which is exactly what I did at the beginning of last month.

Peak working hours in Kazampo are between one and 7 AM.

That suggests that America is starting to outsource an impressive amount of its hands-off sex trade to Romania's webcam industry—solitary men are swapping tables at stripclubs for laptops in bed.Which I suppose makes a lot of sense; it's private, reliable, and arguably more intimate: members are able to check back in with their favorite models whenever they like.Webcams are also more or less completely detached from reality, meaning they don't have to drive anywhere or interact with anyone who's not on a screen. Outside of working hours, the house is a fog of cigarette smoke and 80s power ballads.Webcam studios are to bedroom masturbators what brothels are to Johns.And if the internet had a designated red light district, it would be Romania, where there are currently an estimated 2,000 studios in operation.The cousins’ studio—Kazampo—is the latest addition to that digital den of sin.

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