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The idea is to create an online dating experience that is creep/commitment phobe free.

Defining a niche is important for the site to gain any real traction, says Jeremy Edwards, a lead industry analyst at IBISWorld, and author of the 2013 Dating Services in the US industry report. Understandably, it’s a hot and crowded area: over the last five years, the number of online dating and matchmaking companies has grown steadily at a rate of 3.1 percent, reaching 3,898 companies in 2013.

Because the labor and capital hurdles are low, the majority of these companies are nonemployer.

Even at Marriage Material, Michel is the only full-time employee (she quit her job as a digital marketing consultant back in June).

The site is solely funded by $10,000 of her own money. To compete, smaller sites need to aggressively differentiate themselves while building a user base and offering features like mobile apps that online dating veterans have come to expect.

A year and a half ago, Dana Michel’s friend told her that after a mere four dates, the guy she was seeing wanted to know if he was marriage material.

He took their relationship seriously, and he didn’t want to waste his time if she felt differently.This got Michel curious -- she started asking friends, family and colleagues about their dating history, and discovered that while men were up-front about their intentions, women often held back, scared that asking for commitment would make them appear desperate or shrewish.Inspired by what she heard, Michel decided to launch a relationship site that would go beyond meaningless hookups.Launched January 1st, Marriage is for professional, independent women age 27 or older who are ready for marriage and want to stop wasting time on guys who aren’t.Marriage’s central appeal lies in the novelty of its premise: amateur matchmakers are paid cash rewards for pairing their friends/co-workers/family with single users.Single subscribers (Michel charges a annual fee, to ensure that “everyone who joins is serious about finding love”) place cash valuations on a successful match, which they can choose to define as a single date, three dates, an engagement, or even marriage.

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