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As soon as FBI virus is installed on a tablet, no matter you are using an Android tablet, i Pad or even Kindle Fire, it displays a bogus FBI virus message claiming that you have violated federal law and FBI found your device has been involved in illegal activity (downloaded or distributed copyrighted material or viewed child pornography, etc.) and demanded a penalty fine of 0, 0, 0, 0 or more to be paid in order to unlock your tablet.

“I was watching video on my Samsung tablet, suddenly a pop up came up asking me to download ‘Adobe Flash Player’ in order to continue the video.

So I did it, but soon I realized it’s the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my whole life. As long as I turn it on, a message comes up and takes over my screen quickly.

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It stated that it was locked because of illegal downloaded material located on my phone, therefore involving a criminal offense. On the head of this notification, there is an official FBI seal and various names of law enforcement authorities related to the FBI accordingly. I searched on Google from my laptop and found it was a scam. The malware locks the tablet system until the owner pays the “fine” using a specific pre-paid money card service like Moneypak or Moneygram.

And to further panic the user, some variants of FBI virus will use your front-facing webcam to take a photo of you to include in its faked warning window.

It turns your blood cold and makes you feel like the FBI is watching you.

The malware also threatens users that if a fine is not paid within several hours, they will get a big trouble like losing data, going jail or more.

Most of the victims will be panic and feel ashamed to tell anyone when they see such bogus FBI notification.

They foolishly pay for the so called “fine” but finally get nothing changed because the tablet or phone is still blocked up even though the payment is sent by Moneypak thing. What you are suffering with is a mobile virus and under no circumstance should you give your money to virus makers.Real FBI would never take payments from only one specific brand of money card.The reason you are required to pay with a pre-paid card is that those cyber criminals don’t let you trace your money directly so they can continue to perform their tricks in the background. I was just surfing the internet and my tablet randomly downloaded the money pack porn virus and it now has frozen my tablet with the fbi virus screen.It says that all my activity was recorded and all my files are encrypted.It also said something about illegal copyright laws and child porn and I have to pay a 500$ fine within 24 hours or I will have criminal charges placed on me.

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