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, is a pop and dance music singer, actress, and model/spokesperson.

Although she releases her English albums under the name Blossom, her German stage name "Blümchen" actually translates to "floret" or "small flower".

She is also known as Denim Girl, performing the song "Are You Ready For Some Darkness?

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Born in Hamburg to a German father and a Croatian mother, she began performing as a cheerleader for the Hamburg Blue Angels, a squad associated with the Hamburg Blue Devils American football team.

In 1995, when she was just 15, she started her musical career under the name Blümchen.

She became the most successful German female singer of the 1990s.

She also released singles and albums in other German-speaking countries, Scandinavia and Asia.

Wagner appeared in the role of Maxi in the film Breathful by Daryush Shokof in Germany in 2006 and in different TV series with appearances in single episodes.

In 2007, Wagner started acting in various stage plays.

In 1996, Wagner first appeared as a TV presenter in Heart Attack, a youth dating show.

She also presented the Mini Playback Show in 1998 and the casting show Teenstar in 2002.

Her songs varied from around 50 BPM to about 190 BPM and they range from many genres of music: Dance, Trance, Happy Hardcore, Pop, and Eurodance.

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