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The use of specific length amplified fragment sequencing (SLAF-seq) as a cost effective method of genetic resource characterization in domesticated plants: a case study in Patchouli.

Phylogenetic and functional alpha and beta diversity in temperate and tropical tree communities. Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, USA.108(49): 19641-19646. Pei NC, Lian JY, Erickson DL, Swenson NG, Kress WJ, Ye WH (*), Ge XJ (*). Exploring Tree-Habitat Associations in a Chinese Subtropical Forest Plot Using a Molecular Phylogeny Generated from DNA Barcode Loci.

Comparative evolutionary diversity and phylogenetic structure across multiple forest dynamics plots: a mega-phylogeny approach. Swenson NG, Erickson DL, Mi X, Bourg NA, Forero-Montana J, Ge XJ, Howe R, Lake JK, Liu X, Ma K, Pei N, Thompson J, Uriarte M, Wolf A, Wright SJ, Ye W, Zhang J, Zimmerman JK, and Kress WJ. China Plant BOL Group, De-Zhu Li, Lian-Ming Gao, Hong-Tao Li, Hong Wang, Xue-Jun Ge, Jian-Quan Liu, Zhi-Duan Chen, Shi-Liang Zhou, Shi-Lin Chen, Jun-Bo Yang, Cheng-Xin Fu, Chun-Xia Zeng, Hai-Fei Yan, Ying-Jie Zhu, Yong-Shuai Sun, Si-Yun Chen, Lei Zhao, Kun Wang, Tuo Yang, and Guang-Wen Duan. Comparative analysis of a large dataset indicates that internal transcribed spacer (ITS) should be incorporated into the core barcode for seed plants.

DNA Barcoding in closely related species: A case study of Primula L.

Molecular phylogeny and systematics of the banana family (Musaceae) inferred from multiple nuclear and chloroplast DNA fragments, with a special reference to the genus Musa.

But when a vicious killer starts targeting martial arts masters, the instructor offers to help the police in return for his freedom.

The story of legendary Guan Yu crossing five passes & slaying six generals.

He played a major role in the civil war that led to the collapse of Han Dynasty & the establishment of Shu Han of the 3 Kingdoms, making Liu Bei its first emperor.

A near retired cop and his unit are willing to put down a crime boss at all costs while dealing with a replacement inspector who is getting in their way.

Molecular phylogeny of Lysimachia (Myrsinaceae) based on chloroplast trn L–F and nuclear ribosomal ITS sequences. 31: 323-339., a monotypic genus of the Rubiaceae, from China based on organelle DNA sequences.

Nucleotide sequence diversity at the methionine synthase locus in endangered (Rhizophoraceae) in Thailand and China.

1-Epi-deacetylaconitine, a new norditerpenoid alkaloid from .

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